Russian Long-Line Pacific Cod and Halibut fishery is MSC certified

09 October 2019

Russian long-line fishery of Pacific cod and halibut in the Western Bering Sea was successfully certified to MSC Fishery Standard on the 8th of October 2019. The MSC certificate holder is Long-Line Fishery Association (the LFA). Our company YAMSy responsible for long-line fishery in the Russian Far East fishery region is a founder and party of the LFA.

The full assessment was performed by Russian certification assurance body (CAB) Marine Certification based in Moscow. The process was also supported by Russian Federal Agency for Fisheries, Russian fishery research institutions and the Fishery monitoring centre.

The MSC certification covers three Russian management areas in the Western Bering Sea: Petropavlovsk-Komandorskaya area, Karaginskaya area, West Beringsea area.

The successful certification of the fishery to the MSC Fishery Standard is an robust assurance that the stocks, fishery management and the fishery comply with high international sustainable fishery standard, which will support the position of Norebo as a Russian supplier of fishery products in the main international markets.

All cod and halibut captured in the above management areas after the 1st of august 2019 subject to requirement for Under Assessment products can be now sold as MSC certified products and bear MSC label.

The MSC certificate and Public Certification Report are available at the MSV website in Track a Fishery.