Our Products

On board of our fishing vessels and at our land-based processing factory we produce a great variety of products from the demersal and pelagic fish and other living marine resources, including:

– H&G fish frozen at sea;
– fish fillets frozen at sea (interleaved and block, skin on and off, PBI and PBO, loins and other portions);
– fresh fish fillets (loin, central cut and tail);
– fish mince;
– raw, liver and other byproducts;
– Commander squid (block and interleaved).

Our fishery products delivered from NOREBO’s fishing vessels or land-based fish processing factory are highly valued in Russian and in other markets. Our high-quality products and successful marketing and distribution are results of NOREBO’s strategic advantages:

– up-to-date and modernized equipment at our fishing vessels and processing factory;

– systematic modernization and plans to build new fishing vessels;

– long-term experience of operation and high expertise of our personnel;

– good knowledge of the markets;

– reliable and well-experienced business partners.

Our food safety management system on our fishing vessels and at our processing factory is based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (НАССР) with the account to the best practice for fishery products quality. Besides, our vessels and processing factory are approved by the European Commission to deliver fishery products to the territory of the Community and by the authorities of the Peoples Republic of China.

The quality of our products is daily verified by our quality managers based on the product samples and a large variety of criteria. The compliance to our internal quality standards and production requirements on board the vessels is ensured by a separate quality compliance group of NOREBO.

All our products made of Northeast Atlantic cod, haddock and saithe, as well as of walleye pollock from the Sea of Okhotsk are certified to MSC sustainable fishery standard. Read more about our MSC certification in “Sustainable Fishery” or at MSC official website.

The products of Norebo are available under our three brands: Ocean Spirit, Glacialis and Borealis.

Norebo Europe and Norebo Hong Kong are our sales divisions outside Russia while Norebo Ru JSC is responsible for sales and distribution of our fishery products in Russia.