Regarding raids in Norebo’s offices in Murmansk

01 October 2018

Norebo is a professionally-managed, internationally respected business group, headquartered in Murmansk.  It is a global leader in every market in which it operates.  It is an important employer and a steward of vital Russian strategic resources.

Norebo has this week been the victim of a raid orchestrated by unscrupulous, criminal elements.

The raids to which Norebo has been subjected were disruptive – as they were clearly intended to be – but they also damaged property and placed lives at risk.  Although we have been able to clear up and we are now getting on with business as usual, at the time it was a deeply unsettling experience for all concerned.  For example, men with guns broke down doors and forced employees to lie on the floor.

All those responsible for the raid have much to answer for.  Coercive tactics have no part in business nor in any law-abiding community.  There must be proper respect for the law, including Norebo and its employees.

The raiders will fail.  Norebo Group will not be intimidated by criminals.