Norebo Russia

NOREBO RUSSIA is a sales and marketing company for the Norebo Group in Russia. The head office of NOREBO RUSSIA is situated in Murmansk and its sales offices are located in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Vladivostok.

CEO: Vyacheslav Sturzu
T: +7 (8152) 288 008

NOREBO RU Murmansk
Shmidta Str. 43, Murmansk, 183038, Russia
T: +7 (8152) 288 008
F: +7 (8152) 288 128

Tverskaya Str. 16, build. 1, Moscow, 125009, Russia
T: +7 (495) 116 00 00
F: +7 (495) 116 00 00

NOREBO RU St. Petersburg
Pulkovsoye Shosse 28A, St. Petersburg, 196158, Russia
T: +7 (812) 602 20 15
F: +7 (812) 602 20 15

NOREBO RU Vladivostok
Nekrasovskaya Str. 50A, Vladivostol, 690014, Russia
T: +7 (423) 226 84 39
F: +7 (423) 221 58 99

It is our top priority to ensure at every stage of fishing and processing that you receive the best quality products:
– We have up-to-date and modernized equipment at our fishing vessels and processing factory.
– Our food safety management system on Norebo’s fishing vessels and at our processing factory is based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (НАССР) with the account to the best practice for fishery products quality. Our vessels and processing factory are approved by the European Commission to deliver fishery products to the territory of the Community and by the authorities of the Peoples Republic of China.
– We have strict control over time of trawling, processing of catches and freezing on board.

Norebo produces all products under its own brands.



Norebo operates a factory close to Murmansk, with 2 trawlers supplying fresh cod and haddock every week. Polar Sea+ produces premium fresh frozen products under the brand Borealis®, for further information go to the web page


All our Wild Fresh-frozen at Sea Fillets are sold under the Glacialis® brand. Detailed information on the brand and its products can be found on the web page,

Ocean Spirit®

Other products, such as Wild Fresh-frozen at Sea H&G, WR or industrial blocks are sold under the Ocean Spirit® brand. Information about the brand and products can be found on the web page,