Norebo invests in logistics hub in Russia

28 June 2017

Norebo following its strategy for development of domestic market in Russia committed to establish its own logistics hub located close to the main markets in Moscow, St. Petersburg and adjacent regions where the majority of Russian fish products is supplied both for processing and local consumption.

In May, the trading company of Norebo in Russia acquired a production and distribution centre located in Klin, a town in Moscow region, with good access to the federal highways and railroad.

The total area of the facility is about 33,850 square meters and the building is about 13,600 sq. meters, including office buildings, production and freezing facilities and a coldstore with capacity of 7,200 pallets.

The production and distribution centre will be used mainly to store products from its fishing companies in the Far East and Murmansk region, as well as repacking products in retail packages.

Norebo plans to target domestic supermarkets with its fish products under its new trademark “Borealis” and these facilities in Klin fit perfectly to ensure stability and quality of Norebo’s products for Russian shoppers.

In the future Norebo plans to use these facilities not only for storage and repacking but also for production of value-added products for domestic market in Russia.