Norebo Europe

Norebo Europe is a sales and marketing company for Norebo Group, situated in England. It manages all fillet sales in Europe and North America, global H&G Atlantic cod and haddock sales, and sales of Alaska pollock industrial blocks in Europe and North America.

Sturlaugur Haraldsson, Managing Director
T: +44 1628 594 007
M: +44 7739 949 123

Laurie Macmillan, Chief Financial Officer
T: +44 1628 594 019


Sales Managers

For fillet sales, please contact the following:

UK and USA
Sturlaugur Haraldsson
T: +44 1628 594 007
M: +44 7739 949 123

Andri Geir Alexandersson

Continental Europe
Kristján Hjaltason
T: +44 1628 594 025
M: +44 7739 949 124

Eduard Temme
T: +49 30 300 11 4622

For H&G and Alaska pollock industrial blocks, please contact:

Per Swensson
M: +47 9260 8136

Sales Support
For general enquiries and to contact our sales support team email or call our office.

Norebo Europe Ltd.
80 Moorbridge Road
Maidenhead, SL6 8BW
United Kingdom
T: +44 1628 594 000
F: +44 1628 594 001

Norebo Netherlands BV
Velserkade 3,
1951 NK, Velsen-Noord
The Netherlands

Norebo Germany GmbH
Am Potsdamer Platz 10
House 2, 5. stock
10785 Berlin
T: +49 30 300 11 4622

Every freezing vessel and factory in the group has its quality team, responsible for daily production. Within the group, the quality team coordinates all production, visits production sites regularly and manages communication between markets and production. Quality managers are also present in Velsen, (the Netherlands), where most goods are landed and stored before they are distributed to customers all over the world.

Quality Managers
Magnus Kristjansson

Steindor Sverrisson


Norebo produces all products under its own brands.



All our Wild Fresh-frozen at Sea Fillets are sold under the Glacialis® brand. Detailed information on the brand and its products can be found on the web page,

Ocean Spirit®

Other products, such as Wild Fresh-frozen at Sea H&G, WR or industrial blocks are sold under the Ocean Spirit® brand. Information about the brand and products can be found on the web page,


Norebo operates a factory close to Murmansk, with 2 trawlers supplying fresh cod and haddock every week. Polar Sea+ produces premium fresh frozen products under the brand Borealis®, for further information visit our web page